In this course we will use Python and SimpleITK for all exercises. The virtual machine that will be distributed in class will have a full installation of SimpleITK, Python, and ImageJ, so there is no need to install any additional software.

Some useful links:

You can also use the help command in Python. Example:
> import SimpleITK as sitk
> help(sitk.Median)


VirtualBox enables the importing and exporting of entire virutal machine. This lets all students share a common work environment. Depending on your local machine configuration it is necessary to make some adjustments before everyone can run the virtual machine successfully. Try to adjust the Base Memory as shown in the screen-shot below so that it accommodates your system setup.

VirtualBox System Screen

In order to share files and images among the virtual machine and your host computer it is useful to set up a shared folder. The following article explains how such a shared folder can be generated.  It might be necessary to restart the virtual machine before the new group settings are active.